Product range

Our product range consists of farmed fish from sustainable indoor recirculation systems and certified fish from fishing vessels that have caught the fish in a responsible manner. Pikeperch, including MSC Pikeperch, MSC Cod, turbot and hybrid striped bass are a selection of our range.

FishQ offers you the possibility to choose for various processing options. We can gut, scale, fillet and package the fish to meet your needs. Our goal is to work as flexibly as possible and that is why our customer-friendly staff will always indicate whether we can meet all of your needs.

Because we transport the fish from Urk, the Netherlands, we have excellent transport options for delivering our fish throughout Europe. Your order will be delivered to you within a maximum of two days. Moreover, thanks to the close proximity to Schiphol Airport, our fresh fish can be transported all around the world.

We offer a high degree of traceability. You know exactly where your fish come from and you can rest assured that you are purchasing fresh fish of the highest quality!

Dutch farmed pikeperch

The main component of the products that we deliver is pikeperch Stizostedion lucioperca, which is a fish type with delicious white meat. The pikeperch is renowned throughout Europe for the sturdy structure of the meat.

These fresh fish is farmed in environmentally friendly, closed recirculation systems. These systems are largely computer operated and are therefore continuously monitored. This gives our suppliers the opportunity to farm pikeperch that is completely free of antibiotics. Although there is not yet an ASC certification for zander, this fish itself requires the highest possible standards in terms of living conditions and fish feed. As a result, our suppliers are also required to treat pikeperch as well as possible. This makes this fish not only very tasty, but also healthy!

    Pikeperch filet