We believe that it is important for our fish to be delivered to you as a sustainable product. We strive to do this by means of various working methods and precautionary measures.

For instance, the environmentally friendly, closed recirculation systems of our fish farms ensure that the fish originating from aquaculture grow up in a healthy living environment. Among other things, this living environment is computer operated, as a result of which the quality and composition of the water is monitoring continuously. This allows them to grow high quality fish by responsible means and without adding antibiotics.


Moreover, we are IFS Broker, MSC and ASC-certified. As such, we make an important contribution to increasing sustainability in the fishing industry and thereby deliver on our promises. The Q in FishQ therefore rightfully stands for Quality!

MSC certified      ASC certified


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Traceability of our fish

The central focus is on the traceability of our fish in every link in our production chain. We record all of the information about our products and track the entire process from fish farm or fishing vessel to the customer. Thanks to this working method, FishQ can respond quickly and effectively, should that be necessary.